Been too long! (Hi xD)

It’s been so long since I last posted, right? The last two months have been very hectic and so, I couldn’t give any time to WP. I’m sorry for this long absence.Also, sorry for missing the Quotation Sundays.
I’m back now and I’ll be posting stuffs up soon. 🙂
Another news is I have a project up my sleeves. Without giving anything away (partly for suspense and partly because not much of it isn’t yet decided xD ),I really hope you’ll love what I’m upto. ^-^


Let’s Talk

Today, the 7th of April, is World Health Day and this year’s theme is 

Depression: Let’s talk.

Without adding much to it, I’m going to say, what I’m sure everyone knows but still it needs repeating, depression is an illness. Like any other physical disease, this,too, is a disease and people suffering from it should seek help. This isn’t an attention seeking act or a sign of weakness. So, please speak up, seek help or talk to someone you trust about your problem. And if you know someone who might be fighting this battle alone, please be there for them.

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The Joy of Our Lives

The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.

Johnny Depp (actor, Pirates of the Caribbean)

9:00 a.m.

15th March, 2016.

It was the day after my H.S. Math exam and as there was a 7 days gap before my biology exam (for which I was already  well prepared), I was still on my bed, asleep. Suddenly, I felt my father put something on me. When I woke up, it was a tiny puppy, a street dog.​​

Now, the last time, we had a dog, I was 1 and a half years old when he was brought and 7 when we lost him. I’m bad at knowing breeds. He had white long fur, that’s all I can say. We loved Ricky and terribly miss him even till date; he was more like a brother to us than a pet and so, we were as hell skeptical about this new dog. Does Papa want to replace Ricky? It cannot replace our Ricky.

I remember I totally gave him the cold shoulder. For almost a week, I wouldn’t let him inside my room. He would be sitting in front of my door but his puppy eyes failed to move me.

Fast forward 1 year and I can’t imagine my life without him. I don’t know how he slowly but steadily made his way into my heart; into all of our hearts. The way he would jump at us after we come from our colleges and offices. The way he looks down whenever he would do something wrong and Maa would scold him. There was no way for us to not love him. 

I remember the time he first got up on our bed, after trying for a zillion times. He wouldn’t get down from the bed afterwards. And although, he has his own bed, he would displace everyone from their positions and make his place between us on the bed. And now, it has become a norm for my sister and me to sleep with him.​

Doobdoob is 50 shades of cuteness. You know, what’s the cutest quirk he has? Whenever one of us sits near him, he’d put his paw on our hand or thigh and try to pull us towards him.

​I have no idea why people are so prejudiced against street dogs. Even before DoobDoob entered our lives, I never saw any stray dog as a potential danger. Why would they or for that matter, any creature, harm you if you don’t harm them. If only more people understood that. Give them love, they will give you back so many folds more. They deserve a life of love too, and if you can, I urge you to give that to at least one. I know my life has become so much better because of Doobdoob.

Let me conclude with Roger Caras’ saying-

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.