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Pass me on!




a magical or medicinal potion.

I’m the mother’s kiss 

On a bruised little knee more than Dettol ever could be.

I am the plate of plain rice and dal

For the hostel boy who returned home after more than a year.

I painted her face with rainbow hues

When her mother held her hand as she walked out of the closet.

The inkpot to the writer’s broken heart

I am their baby’s first cry after 7 years of trying. 

Or a mere pencil in those tiny hands

Which held hot kettles and brooms for all their lives.

You see, I’m everywhere and nowhere

But next time you see me, use me a little and pass me on.



Just another wannabe writer.

12 thoughts on “Pass me on!

    1. BTW, are your initials N.M.? Because I got a follow request from the same around the time you were saying about finding me on social media. So, I was wondering if that is you. 😊


    1. Yes, absolutely. It maybe different for different people in different situations but we do know it when we see it, most of the time.
      Thank you for your feedback. 🙂


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