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Milestone #1 and Announcements

​Hi there! Followers, fellow bloggers and all!

At the outset, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone for making my blog journey so exciting and beautiful. I had just completed my 1 month of finally starting up this blog and this notification from WP made me so happy this morning. 50 followers YAYYY!!! ❤ (stop snickering, you fellows having too many followers to even keep count xD)

Now, another reason for this post is to just let you know that for this half month and the next month, I might be either very less active or not at all active. I’ve got a huge exam on the 7th of May, for which I’m already very less prepared. So, for whoever looks out for my posts (I hope there’s a few from these 50 people :P), I’m sorry.

Anyways, thank you and hurrah!❤




Just another wannabe writer.

24 thoughts on “Milestone #1 and Announcements

      1. You’re welcome ! And good luck on your exams, as I am sure you will ace them ❤🏆 Hope to see more posts when you have the time 😊 much love, jessiewuvs 💁🏻💕

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