8 thoughts on “Quotation Sunday

    1. Oh no! That’s absolutely okay. I’m glad that you’ve taken out the time to review my blog. :’)
      I’ve seen in many places that a blog should be based on just one topic to gain more followers. But I’ve set up this blog only to explore a part of me. So, I’m trying out whatever I feel like writing. So, thank you for this moral boost. :’)

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      1. Blogs based on one topic seem boring to me.. little poems and stories and awards and quotes and sketches would be the kinda blog I’d like to follow!
        keep up with the great work ✌

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      2. Oh that’s cool. This made me so happy. :’)
        Although sketches are never going to appear on my blog, at least my own. The last time I drew was till the class (grade) when drawing was compulsory. XD
        Thank you for stopping by. Means a lot!

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