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There is something magical about letters. Albeit old school but letters have such a charm that I can’t resist.  

Something about handwritten letters with stamps on it, coming from miles away from one post office to another. Something about an unknown face handing you a letter from someone known but far away. Text messages and emails are fine, but to touch the words and to feel the nib of the pen they were holding; that feeling is unprecedented. 

Source: tumblr​

And then years later; dusting off the old letters that were stacked into a corner or a shelf, you can always relive that moment. Shed a few tears, snort a few laughs. Maybe the sender of those old wrinkled letters is no more, maybe you don’t even know where they are or maybe, they are in the next room snoring.But the letters remain the same, only the pages have turned yellow and crinkly, marking the passage of time and how life has changed since the first time you held the letter in your hand and now. And this teleporting back into time is simply magical.

[Source of featured image: tumblr]


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24 thoughts on “Letters

  1. You reminded me to send a reply letter to my friend.😀😀Nowadays the communication is made so easy with all social medias but waiting for the reply letter makes it interesting and extra special.

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