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Where has Summer gone?

​It’s been such a long while

Since I felt the warm rays of the sun.

Been a long time since the last Summer. 

Where has it gone, mother?

It’s too cold in here.

Snow is no more romantic or beautiful.

We are all bruised over by the Winter.

When will Summer come, mother?

Source: Google images

So many people have gone away
In search of the lost Summer.   

But they never came back    

Do you know what happened to them, mother?

Now I’m scared to search for Summer too

But how long am I supposed to sit around?

Doesn’t seem Winter will leave by itself,

What do you think, mother?

I don’t remember you.

Father says the Winter took you away too.                     

If I can bring Summer back,

Will you come back too, Mother?

I wrote this poem a few months ago in view of the present political scenario and the spread of terrorism across the world.


Just another wannabe writer.

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