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For me, the most difficult part of writing is the beginning. How to start it? Once I get a start, it starts flowing relatively easily (maybe?) But I guess, that is not only with writing for me.That is just for everything. Any work, assignment, relationship, anything. How to approach it? What if it’s not right? What if I mess things up? What if I’m left with worse than what I started with? This attitude has had made me miss out on a l​ot of things in life. Friendships, opportunities, fun and so much. But can I say I’m working on it? Eh… not really. It has become me. I’ve kind of grown used to it. Listening to people talk and knowing that I could be good friends with them but still keep quiet and lose on a potential friend. See an opportunity like anchoring and knowing that I can do good but still not step forward.

Honestly, I’ve no reason for this rant. I wasn’t actually planning on a rant. I only wanted to start my blog (for the 4th time now). But I guess with that username, the blog fits, right? Babblings. Oh yes, another reason for that username; I like this word. You see, “Babbling, bumbling band of babboons”. I guess, the first post would be incomplete without at least one reference from one of my fandoms. Hmm… fangirl problems.

Good luck reading my blog(s?) and making sense of my incoherent thoughts.

P.S. The sketch is not mine. I found it on Google. So if it is yours, all you have to do is ask me to take it down or give you your due credits, and I’ll be glad to do so. 🙂


Just another wannabe writer.

17 thoughts on “Incoherence. 

  1. I truly get how difficult it is to start writing a new post. Is the topic correct? Is the content interesting? Am I being too paranoid? Askfbislcbi……. Anyways I loved this post. ☺️☺️☺️

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